Saline Tattoo Removal is the most cost-effective and least invasive removal method available for unwanted ink. Do you have microblading or old tattoo that you hate? Saline is your answer.

What is It?

Saline Removal is just what it sounds like – removing unwanted tattoo or microblading with a salt-based removal solution. Results can be seen almost immediately and there is virtually no scarring when compared to other removal methods.

The removal solution is an acid-free, sterile, high-concentration salt solution with natural plant oils and aloe for skin conditioning.


How Does it Work?

At the consultation, I will decide if machine or manual method is best, aiming to achieve the clearest result with minimal down time. With both methods, once the skin is open and the ink is ‘broken up’ into smaller pieces, a proprietary, sterile saline solution is applied. A combination of osmotic pressure and intermolecular forces (IMFs) work like a magnet to pull pigment from the skin.


How Does it Compare to Laser?

Saline removal works completely opposite to laser removal. Laser removal uses different wavelengths of light to explode cured tattoo ink into tiny particles which can then be flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. While laser removal may be highly effective for black tattoos, colored tattoos can present a problem as different colors respond only to different wavelengths. Also, laser removal does not work on white ink (or inks mixed with white) and will blacken any titanium-based or mixed inks rather than removing them.

Also to consider, laser removal may cause permanent hair loss in the treatment area, which can be a real concern for eyebrow and facial tattoos.


  • removes ink by pulling it out through the skin
  • is colorblind – works on all colors equally effectively in a single pass, even whites
  • no risk of burning or blistering
  • will not cause permanent hair loss
  • best option for permanent makeup and highly colored body tattoos


  • removes ink by pushing it further into the body
  • requires multiple passes to target multiple colors
  • does not work on white or light colors
  • may cause burning or blistering, resulting in scarring
  • may cause permanent hair loss in the treatment area
  • best option for extra-large tattoos or dark, monochrome tattoos


What is the Healing Process Like?

The healing process is very similar to when you received the tattoo. The area will scab over lightly and then, when the scab flakes off naturally, it will take more pigment with it. You MUST NOT pick the scab (this will cause scarring, as with any wound). You will notice continued changes in the area over the 4 weeks following your procedure as the body heals, and the area may be pink. At 7 weeks, you will see the final result of the session and can choose if additional sessions are necessary.

On average eyebrows take 4 sessions for complete removal, but fewer sessions may be preferable if new eyebrows will be placed over top. Body tattoos may require 4-6 sessions on average.

(Currently not available for eyeliner and lips.)


What does it cost?

Consultations are always Free. Come in, let me see the work, and let’s create a custom removal plan for you.

Eyebrows (full set) are charged HK$2,000 per session. The number of sessions required will depend on the original pigment placement, age of work, and long-term plan – if you will have new eyebrows tattooed or microbladed, you may require fewer sessions.

Body Tattoos are charged by size. Typically, HK$2,000 per area the size of a business card, per session. Extra Small tattoos (fingers, toes) can be discounted. A quotation will be provided at your consultation.