After Your Appointment

Download the Aftercare Instructions here.

Immediately following your procedure and for 14 days (up to 21 days if you are over 55):

  • Do not get them wet. Your artist will discuss options and methods to work around this
  • Absolutely no sweating. This includes hot yoga, sports, swimming, hot baths or anything that might get you damp and sticky
  • No laser or chemical treatments on the brow area
  • Avoid picking, peeling, or scratching of brow or scabs – disturbing this area will result in loss of pigment and patchiness, and may result in a change of color
  • Performing tasks where there may be airborne debris
  • Avoid excessive alcohol, which may prevent timely healing
  • Do not travel in open air vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles
  • Do not touch the eyebrow area with fingertips

After the skin has completely healed, make certain to ALWAYS apply a layer of sunscreen, SPF30 or greater, when outdoors or tanning. Sun exposure will cause the pigment to fade and may also cause blurring of the lines or pigment migration.

Your Microblading Journey:

Healing following your procedure is a journey. This is not my work, but it is an excellent representation of the healing and touchup process. It’s going to get crazy-dark. It’s going to scab up. It’s going to look weird and blotchy. And, it’s ALL OK! Understand and be aware – Microblading is not something you do a week before pictures or a big event…

(This is not my image. If you are the owner/original creator of this image, please contact me regarding usage and attribution.)